Dream Holiday in the Miracle Island……

A Land Like No Other. Island of Suprises and Miracles. Sri Lanka offers you almost all the choices for a holiday maker at an affordable price. Hot, sandy beaches, scenic, cool mountains, beach sports, wild Life, hill country, ancient ruins, hiking, sea/fresh water sports, spicy foods, village life, handicrafts, rainforest, air balloons

Sri Lanka offers plenty of natural beauty and a unique life-style. Sri Lanka welcomes visitors to experience nice beaches, astonishing mountain scenery, historical places of worship, rich culture and many more…. You may explore the breezy mountains, water falls in the hill country in the central province of Sri Lanka which is home to tea plantations.

Its lustrous beauty and mystery stems from tropical forests and fascinating wildlife sanctuaries to architectural wonders, rock fortresses at Sigiriya, ancient relics and ruins in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa which are world famous. Kandy was the last capital of Sri Lanka and the world famous Kandy procession (perahera) mirrors its majestic past that yet lives in the hearts of its people.

Special Features

  • English speaking driver/guide

  • Free ticketing and travel arrangements

  • Update about health and safety

  • Update about the holiday package

  • Various packages to choose from

  • Sea plane, helicopter, air balloon facility

  • Customised packages

  • Flexibility of itinerary to accommodate changes

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