Wild Water

What is noticeable about the landscape of Yala National park are the vast areas of flooded grass land that expands or diminishes with the arrival of the Monsoons. The Sri Lankan Water Buffalo relish in this wet environment. The water is cooling in the tropical heat.

It provides relief from the hundreds of biting blood sucking insects. These lagoons also provide their major food source. Lush grass and leaves. They are safe in the water from Leopards but they have to keep an eye out for very large Crocodiles.

You will also encounter family groups of Sri Lankan Water Buffalo at small water holes. They may seen just like big cows but do not get too close. Some are 6 feet tall at their shoulders. Adult Water Buffalos can fight off Leopards with their bulk and horns. A little unarmed human is nothing. If you fall you will be trampled and attacked with its horns.

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