Corals and Diving

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka: Wreck Diving in Sri Lanka

For centuries Sri Lanka was featured prominently across the central asian maritime shipping routes where spices and tea were shipped from Asia. During the Second World War, Sri Lanka was a strategic location in transportation through the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca. During the centuries since the colonial era, the coastline of Sri Lanka has claimed numerous vessels. The historical records have revealed of a possible existence of over 200 shipwrecks around the coast of Sri Lanka which could have been during the 500 years of the maritime powers of Portuguese, Dutch and the British. Of the ships that were discovered, many of the wrecks have been disintegrated owing to the unceasing events of the ocean. Marine life is in great abundance in and around these wreckage sites and are must-see places if you ever happen to visit the island.

Coral Reefs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s coral reefs have long been attracting tourists from around the world. According to research stemming back to the 1980s, about two percent of the country’s coastline contains nearshore fringing reefs. Peppering the sea-beds of the Indian Ocean, these coral reefs are home to a host of marine life making them both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally consequential.


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