Tea Tour

Tea Plantation Tours

Tea Plantation Tours in Hill Country Sri Lanka .

As you know, Sri Lankan tea is reputed to be the best in the world and is popularly known as Ceylon Tea. The very best is highly sought after by connoisseurs world over! 

You will be taken to the highlands of Sri Lanka affording picturesque views and where a cool climate prevails. It is here that the famous Ceylon Tea grows. 

You will be stationed at a Tea Bungalow with a colonial atmosphere and tradition which still pervades since British times. 

When you do the Tea Tour you will be able to witness the planting, pruning and plucking of tea. You will be able to talk to the tea pluckers and discover how their lives are intimately entwined with the tea you drink. You will see the lush tea gardens like green blankets covering the hillsides as far as you can see! 

A visit to the tea factory will show you how your morning cup of tea that you so relish is manufactured. It is so educative! 

Moreover, you can breathe in the fresh, cool air around you and do some sightseeing where you can watch beautiful mountain terrain pass by and see beautiful waterfalls. 

The Tea Tour is one you will remember every time a cup of tea touches your lips!


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